With the perfect combination of creativity, design and pragmatism, Fiona has now directed four design projects for us ranging from our NYC apartment to our Southern Ontario Farmhouse. We've thrown every challenge at her and the outcome has always been superb.


Like most Farmhouses, ours has its own peculiarities like antiques passed down that we wanted to use and it needed to be fit for purpose such as big family meals and farm dog traffic through certain parts of the house. While for our new NYC apartment, we gave her one weekend of my time to shop with her and two weeks to have everything delivered and set up.


As busy professionals, we wanted to be comfortable in our home yet we didn't have time to spend hours with a designer. Fiona knows people, she talked with us while we walked through the space and she comes back with ideas for our input. She brings a broad enough selection of options that we get to chose, yet not so many we are overwhelmed. Fiona makes the project fun and interesting, without being a drain on our time. In the end, we've been thrilled with every project.

Sharon MacLeod